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Does Toyota spoil COP10 ?

It was revealed that Toyota Motor Co. ...

It was revealed that Toyota Motor Co. finally launched the huge project to construct New Car Test Course in Nagoya suburb. The first hoe expected to be driven in the latest toward the end of next year.
For this purpose Toyota had signed the contract with Aichi local government on 2007 to purchase the area for Toyota enable complete the construction. Extent of this area is 660hec., equivalent to 141units of Tokyo Baseball Dome, has been almost secured by Aichi at Toyota 's disposal.
Though the contract is formally complete, the reason why environment–conscious groups can not easily accept it is because the area is known as bird sanctuary so that rich flora and fauna are still alive.
Even endangered species are well fed in the area which are loved not only by the neighbor residents but also by many people who worry very much about biodiversity in Japan.
Therefore, the people having anxiety about the extinction of Japanese valuable species have proposed an alternative mitigation plan of shifting the area to the reclaimed area which is bit far from the original but will be less controversial for all the people concerned.
It is assured that such replacement of the area will have smaller environmental impact and minimum cost of construction. However, to our regret, Toyota has turned down the proposal.
Whereas in Japan a law to protect the biodiversity is in force as other advanced countries, this kind of law, unlike them, can not fully compete with the law of development. Therefore, actions for an injunction will be in most cases dismissed.
Accordingly, there is no way for environment–conscious groups but asking the president of Toyota for his review to preserve or conserve the bird sanctuary as it is.
In 2010 when Toyota starts levelling down the forest of the area, United Nations COP10 annual meeting will also be held in Nagoya for the purpose of detering the deterioration of the global wide biodiversity at its most effective way.
After careful consideration on these issues, do you still think Toyota 's plan of development has legitimacy and it is worthy for COP10 to be held in Nagoya.
This is the reason why we ask the press to take up the matter and it is highly hoped that it will be of some leverage for Toyota president to reconsider their plan.
Implementation of Toyota's merciless plan would cause irrevocable sacrifice of the people 's recreational nature and source of CO2 absorption which local biodiversity now supporting at its full extent.